Directive 1 of 2020 

Back in December  2019, the ICT Authority in its capacity as the Controller of Certification  Authorities (CCA) deployed a new Public key Infrastructure service known as the  Online  Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) service. The purpose of the OCSP  is to ensure the online verification of the validity of the digital  certificates issued to licensed/recognised/approved CAs. In so doing, when an end user is  using a PKI based online service, in the background, the validity of the  digital certificate of the end user is being checked by the OCSP service of the  CA and simultaneously, the validity of the digital certificate of the CA is  being checked by the OCSP service of the CCA to ensure the verification of the  complete chain of trust.

Accordingly, a Directive  is being issued by the CCA to ensure compliance by the  licensed/recognised/approved CAs to the modus operandi for OCSP services in  Mauritius.

Directive can be viewed on the following link.

02 June 2020