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Notice 1 of 2017 - Recognition of Foreign Certification Authority

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The ICT Authority, in the exercise of its statutory function as CCA, is the apex body of the Mauritian PKI

eMudhra Consumer Services Ltd  becomes the first Certification Authority Recognised to Operate in Mauritius

Port Louis: The ICT Authority in the exercise of its function as the Controller of Certification Authorities, (CCA) has remitted the paper-based Recognition Certificate   to eMudhra Consumer Services Ltd during the launch of the Mauritian PKI Ecosystem at the Hennessy Park Hotel in Ebene Cybercity yesterday. As such eMudhra has become the first Certification Authority to be recognised   to operate in Mauritius.

The Honourable Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum, Minister of Information and Communication Technology who launched the Mauritian PKI Ecosystem underlined the importance the  Public Key Infrastructure technology to drive secured eGovernment and eServices as well as the plethora of online transactions where trust and confidence are of paramount importance.
For his part the Chairman of the ICT Authority, Mr Trilock Dwarka drew attention to the concerted and committed efforts of the ICT Authority to accomplish its mandate as enshrined under the law to create the right framework to promote the applications and spread of PKI technology in Mauritius with the collaboration of the Indian Government and particularly of the CCA of India. His Excellency Mr T.P. Seetharam, the High Commissioner of India to Mauritius welcomed the  dynamic implementation of the MoU signed between the ICTA and the Indian CCA for furthering the PKI project.
The Mauritian PKI Ecosystem constitutes one of the landmark projects of the ICT Authority. During the workshop which followed the launch of the Mauritian PKI Ecosystem, the Controller of Certification Authorities, Dr Krishna Oolun urged leaders from the ICT sector and captains of industry to capitalize on the benefits of PKI and to actively contribute in the Mauritian PKI Ecosystem.  To disseminate information about the PKI, the ICT Authority has published an Information Guide on the Mauritian PKI Ecosystem and set up an online Discussion Forum on the CCA website Dr Oolun invited stakeholders to engage fully in the Online Discussion Forum.

22 June 2012


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