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The ICT Authority, in the exercise of its statutory function as CCA, is the apex body of the Mauritian PKI

Becoming a CA

There are three types of licencing scheme for becoming a Certification Authority (CA) in Mauritius:

1. Licence (Licenced Certification Authority)
This type is licence is granted to a public or private agency willing to act as a Certification Authority in Mauritius. The agency should have its technical infrastructure located in Mauritius.

2. Recognition (Recognised Certification Authority)
Foreign CAs are recognised in Mauritius if they
- demonstrate a level of security equal to or more stringent than the level of security of a certificate issued by a licensed Certification Authority of Mauritius.
- provide for or has established a local agent for service of process in Mauritius.
- comply with the standards and other requirements under the Act and Regulations.

3. Approval (Approved Certification Authority)
Public sector agencies can become an approved CA in Mauritius provided they:
- make an application to the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.
- fill out the Approval form.
- comply with the standards and other requirements under the Act and Regulations. Refer to section 15,16 and 17 of the Electronic Transaction (Certification Authorities) Regulation 2010
- have the technical infrastructure located in Mauritius

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The entire licensing/recognition/approval  process involves:

    • Application submission on prescribed form;
    • Application Processing; and
    • Award or Reject of Application.

An application has to be accompanied by the following documents:

    • certified true copies of the insurance certificate
    • cheque or bank draft of Rs 5,000 should be crossed 'Account Payee' only
    • certified true copies of the company's resolution
    • business plans (including cash flow projections and budget statements)
    • audited accounts for the past 3 years (if applicable)
    • the CA's Certification Practice Statement (CPS)
    • technical specifications of the CA system and CA security policies and standards
    • organisational chart and details of all trusted personnel
    • report of the initial audit within 4 weeks upon completion of the audit (if available at that point in time)
    • a certified copy of the licence of an existing foreign CA applying for recognition in Mauritius.

  Provided that all the required information and documents are in order, the application can be processed within 90 days.

The application/ renewal fee payable is Rs5,000 in respect of each submission. In addition, the applicant must also pay an initial licence fee of Rs50,000 and an annual licence fee of Rs50,000 for the entire duration of the licence upon approval of the application.

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