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The ICT Authority, in the exercise of its statutory function as CCA, is the apex body of the Mauritian PKI

Function of the ICT Authority (ICTA) as the CCA of Mauritius

Under section 18 (z) of the Information and Communication Technologies Act 2001, the ICT Authority is the Controller of Certification Authorities in Mauritius. The Controller of Certification Authorities as the “Root” Authority certifies the technologies, infrastructure and practices of all the Certification Authorities (CA) licensed/recognised/approved to issue Digital Signature Certificates.


Public Key Infrastructure Framework in Mauritius

PKI stands for Public Key Infrastructure. To enable the use of electronic signatures in an open environment (such as the Internet) where the participants do not know each other, it is necessary to know who the signer is. PKI is a system created for this purpose and in this system a reliable third party issues an electronic certificate. The certificate contains information about the person the certificate is issued to. PKI uses a key pair, in which the other key is public and the other is private.


Certification Practice Statement (CPS)

The Certification Practice Statement (CPS) of the CCA states how the PKI components meet the assurance requirements, security control, operational policy, procedures and other matters relevant to obligations and responsibilities of the CCA and CAs in accordance with the Electronic Transaction Act 2000, as amended and the Regulations thereunder.







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