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News Release - CCA DIRECTIVE 1 of 2021

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The ICT Authority, in the exercise of its statutory function as CCA, is the apex body of the Mauritian PKI


The objective of this Directive is to ensure that Licensed/Recognised/Approved Certification Authorities provide either written user instructions or programming scripts for the installation of the complete Certificates’ trust chain with Mauritius CCA Root Certificate in end user devices. This is because the Root Certificate of CCA Mauritius is not de facto included in the Certificate store of major software vendors such as Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Mozilla, etc. In ensuring this prior installation, end users making use of Certificates with the Mauritius CCA Root Certificate in its trust chain will no longer get the warning notice that this Certificate is not trusted. For internationally recognised Certification Authorities such as DigiCert and Verisign, the warning notice does not appear as their certificates are pre-installed in the Certificate store of major software vendors.

Directive can be viewed on the following link.

05 February 2021


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